Release Date:
26 September 2019

Windows, Mac, Linux

About the Game:

Into Eternity is a first-person point and click adventure horror game. You will explore a 4x4km (2.4x2.4 mile) island with a dynamic weather and seasons system. The game story will have six different endings, each player will have a unique experience in this world that we have created.

* Dynamic weather system, this includes dynamic seasons
* Beautiful sun rise and sun set
* First person point and click adventure

About the Developers:
Givit Game Studios was founded by two friends who have a passion for game development. They first did a couple of Ludum Dare games where they saw they have the needed development skills and talent to start developing games as a business. They first release was a little fly and adventure game called THE WITCH OF ERAST available for free on Android's Play Store. The first commercial release launched October 2017 called THE ADVENTURES OF SAM CARLISLE: THE HUNT FOR THE LOST TREASURE. They are also busy with remaster version of THE WITCH OF ERAST and started a new game in that franchise called THE WITCH OF ERAST AND THE LIGHT CRYSTAL, which is still in development.


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